Counter Strike: Global Offensive

6. Juni 2017 Geschrieben von , 1150 mal gelesen, verfasst in Teams

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Flemming dewo Sørensen

Flemming “dewo” Sørensen

Team Captain

Hello my name is Flemming Sørensen(20), i am the teams Ingame-leader. I am very fond of a slow, methodical playstyle where we try to adapt, throughout the rounds, to our opponents playstyle.


Twitch account:

Simon Sauer Nielsen

Simon “Sauer” Nielsen


My name is Simon Nielsen. Im 18 years old and have been playing CS for a few years.
I play the support role in the team. I like to switch up my playstyle alot to always keep my enemies guessing.
Danny zakk0 Borcher

Danny “zakk0″ Borcher


My name is Danny also known as zakk0. I play rifler. I have been playing cs for about 12 years, so i might be considered one of the more experienced players on the team.

Sean Freeze Hulstrøm

Sean “Freeze” Hulstrøm


Hello my name is Sean Hulstrøm(22), I’m the entry fragger for EVOPLAY, I have been playing CS since 1999, I am the madfragger on the team.

Nicolai hoeirup Nielsen

Nicolai “hoeirup” Nielsen


My name is Nicolai Nielsen and I'm playing AWP. I was introduced to counter strike when I was 8 years old and I'm 18 now, so I have been playing for many years. I'm a dedicated person both in and outside the game, which means that a lot of hours have been spent on improving myself. I like playing a lot of DM and aim practice, so you guys might see me on the server one day. Always triyng to be the best.

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